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« Christine Poirier is a third-millennium weaver who imparts volume and light of a moving sculpture to her textile. »

Jocelyne Vidal-Blanchard
Les voies de l'élégance, 1997, éd. La Martinière.

Guest house

Christine poirier - Créations textile & tissages

Chistine Poirier vous accueille dans sa galerie-boutique 
                            de Oingt, village médiéval 
                            de la région des Pierres dorées, dans 
                            les vignes du Beaujolais. 
                            Christine Poirier welcomes you in her gallery – a shop in Oingt, a medieval village in the heart of the “Pierres Dorées(*)” area, south of the Beaujolais region (30 kms from LYON) where she displays her creations and organises weaving courses for all levels and all ages. Christine Poirier is a fully qualified and experienced tutor endorsed by the DRTEFP (the Regional Division of the Ministry of Work and Professional Training).

Christine Poirier has been a professional weaver for 30 years. She works on a Catusse loom.
She has been selected five times to take part in the International Textile Competition at the Fashion Foundation in Tokyo and was the French award winner in 1989 and 1990.

* - refers to the colour of stone in this region.




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