Weaving Courses Christine Poirier

Beginners / Introductory Course

tissage en cours soie et lainesWeave your own dream cloth !
The training is done on a loom with a mechanical shuttle.
You will learn different weaves: taffetas, twills, satins, Jacquard cloth, lace…
You will use the materials of your choice
Finishing sewing touches carried out at the workshop.
Very small groups: 4 participants maximum.
• Cost: from 300€ for 3 days.

Beginners & Introductory Course: weave your own dream cloth !

Vocational & Advanced Training Courses

la formatrice Christine Poirier

Learn the secrets of a talented weaver !
In the tradition of the famous Lyonnais weavers who pass on their knowledge, Christine Poirier offers advanced training courses especially designed for students of Applied Arts, Art Deco, Decorative Arts and also for advanced learners :
Different uses of materials ; Original combinations ; Research in colours, materials…
• Tailor-made training : one to one or in groups.
• Cost: from 580 € per week

Producers of animal and vegetable fibres

Learn how to make your production profitable by transforming your own materials.
Learn the basics of hand-weaving.
Create sellable products.
Research in colours and materials…
• Tailor-made training: one to one or in groups.
• Cost: from 580 € per week